a classic. Yu Yan up, the sound sweet, Fang brother, your efficiency can be really high, one came to work. Everyone division of labor, Zhao Shuai is responsible for playing the reflective plate, Fang Lin camera, Ye Shan and Yu CCDP it exam Yan is responsible for the beautiful flowers, and they both a tall, a petite, a short hair, a curly hair, is the same clothes, Different charm to come. Yu Yan brought 20 sets of clothes, less than two hours to shoot over, there are professional, there are casual, there are ladies, but also personality hip hop, see Fang Lin and Zhao Shuai dazzling, straight to feast for the eyes. Zhao Shuai ridicule, Swallow, your shop photographer can be so happy, every day in the flowers. Yu Yan disapproval, that you have the ability to try, every day a lot of clothes, will be tired, and really tired. Fang Lin found that Yu Yan. and Zhao Shuai stay together, like each pinch, but they are more pinch down the more intimate, in their flirtatious sound, the atmosphere has become active, originally, Fang Lin and Ye Shan There are some cautious, for fear of a careless eyes, revealing the little secret between them. After taking pictures, Ye Shan in exchange for their clothes, a light blue denim shirt, waist casually hit a knot, coupled with a wash was white corners of CCDP Cisco Certification the jeans, leather small board shoes. Curly hair has been her high beam into a horsetail, the sun began to hot up, she gave yourself wearin

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
300-101 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0) Cisco CCDP
300-115 Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0) Cisco CCDP
642-871 Designing Cisco network Service Architectures (ARCH) Cisco CCDP
642-873 Designing Cisco network Service Architectures (ARCH) Cisco CCDP
642-874 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Cisco CCDP
300-320 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Cisco CCDP