a brother named Brandon as well, Jaime mused. One of the hostages murdered by Targaryen. It seems to be an unlucky name. Oh, not so unlucky as all that, surely, Tyrion said. The servant brought his plate. He ripped off achunk of black bread. Cersei was studying him warily. What do you mean Tyrion gave her a crooked smile. Why, only that Tommen may get his wish. The maester CCIE Security it exam thinksthe boy may yet live. He took a sip of beer. Myrcella gave a happy gasp, and Cisco Certification Tommen smiled nervously, but it was not the children Tyrion waswatching. The glance that passed between Jaime and Cersei lasted no more than a second., but he didnot miss it. Then his sister dropped her gaze to the table. That is no mercy. These northern gods arecruel to let the child linger in such pain. What were the maester s words Jaime asked. The bacon crunched when he bit into it. Tyrion chewed thoughtfully for a moment and said, Hethinks that if the boy were going to die, he would have done so already. It has been four days with nochange. Will Bran get better, Uncle little Myrcella CCIE Security asked. She had all of her mother s beauty, and noneof her nature. His back is broken, little one, Tyrion told her. The fall shattered his legs as well. They keephim alive with hon

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