from the elevation of 4100 meters of the place is driving up More than a dozen village names from the foot of the mountain u. p the mountain rescue. But, time, in a little passage, they have not arrived yet. Surrounded by a vast expanse of white, only the roaring wind, and biting cold, Yu Yan s tears kept flowing, this is the only warm things, drops in Fang s face, instantly into the ice. Fang sister has been fainted, into a heavy coma, Yu Yan trembling with Lee hand of the hand how to do, how to do you quickly save her ah. Li Zhidao burned CCNA Cloud some CCNA Cloud it exam hot water with the gas tank, in an attempt to let her drink a little, Zhang guide non stop hand to press the wound to stop bleeding, all people are heavy, but helpless. During the fragrant sister woke up once, she used intermittent voice, said do not know after the tiger will not blame me, so that he was so little no mother, Erh, go back after you must be sure to tell him. Mom is always love him This is Fang. Cisco Certification sister left the last sentence, when the rescue staff arrived a few hours later, she has gone forever, with her summit of regret, and the eternal care of their loved ones, buried her soul The top of the snow capped mountains, always waiting for her dream of the mountain. Fang Jie s body was rescued by people in the sleeping bag to carry down, just son was placed on a stretcher, sent to the foot of the hospital emergency treatment, his injury is heavy, can n

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210-451 Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Cisco CCNA Cloud
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