s which they found reigning. When they violated other needs too strongly, or when otherfaiths came which served the same needs better, the first religions were supplanted. The needs were always many, and the tests were never sharp. So the reproach of vagueness andsubjectivity and on the whole ness, which can with perfect legitimacy be CCNP Routing and Switching addressed to theempirical method as we. are forced to use it, is after all a reproach to which the entire life of man indealing with these matters is obnoxious. No religion has ever yet owed its prevalence to apodicticcertainty. In a later lecture I will ask whether objective certainty can ever be added by theologicalreasoning to a religion that already empirically prevails. One word, also, about the reproach that in following this sort of an empirical method we arehanding ourselves over to systematic skepticism. CCNP Routing and Switching it exam Since it is impossible to deny secular alterations in our sentiments and needs, it would be absurdto affirm that one s own age of the world can be beyond correction by the next age. Skepticismcannot, therefore, be ruled out by any set of thinkers possibility against which their conclusionsaresecure andnoempiricistoughttoclaimexem as p a tion from this universal liability. But to admit o. ne s liability to correction is one thing, Cisco Certification and to embark upon a sea of wanton doubt isa

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