cordance with the plan of the hatred of the hatred of Jueline, he did not want to go to chase Qiu bead, he escaped, then let him escape it, it is best to escape far, never let Cisco Unified Access it exam him and their small river castle to see him again To be goo. d. However, Qiu Jinbao but clear, things to now, everything has not come for him to call the shots. Qiuyu bead is necessary to catch up, catch up, catch him, back to the river Cisco Unified Access castle to trial, his death is alive, all handed over to the villagers of the river, by their masters, so that they have the final say The Do not do so, inside, I can not be with the brothers in the small river castle account external, it will be secretly sneer Cisco Certification Zhang Baihu, ridicule I have no ability, even his brother are betrayed me, and I, even No action, indifferent, even outsiders are watching me So, when the hatred of the red leopard back. to the white tiger forest, listening to the chef after some talk, although the hearts of a thousand ten thousand do not want, he still had to answer must take this guy to recover Chou Jinbao this sentence, not only categorically, but also in front of the chapter white tiger s side said, and, Liu Sijian is also present, just came out from the hut, in front of suc

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