y, this fluctuation count of a hair, you are also fought inside and so on for more than six months, how could such a surprise, steady, I now fundamental Do not read the disk. Bao Guogang meal said that Zhao Zhigang feel bad psychological quality, simply regardless of it, shut the door to the mahjong hall to play a few hours of mahjong. Hot day, mahjong boss boss complained that the. electricity is too high, hung a few fans in the head of the whistling fan of the hot air, the whole house foul, plus sweaty smell of smoke, Zhao Zhigang side with a toothpick tick teeth , While Mamalielie side. I said the boss, when you are the whole two air conditioning to ah, this ghost weather, and then the next time do not come. He said that the people around feel more sultry, and booing, said the boss pull, only know that every day to Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist it exam receive the bill fee water fee, even the air conditioning are reluctant to one. The boss is a 40 year old Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist middle aged women, dragging the body of obesity, now do little business is not easy, ah, this rent is known day by day, people are less and less, brothers Sister more understanding to understand, we have more friends to play cards, the next day, I went to the second hand market to Amoy an air condit. ioning back. Not for a while, to Cisco Certification more th

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500-171 Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) Cisco Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist