st conserving surgery, only part of the resection, and good in the Data-Center it exam armpit lymph up three out Do pathology, one did not transfer, but also fortunately lucky. The cold moon was weak when the room was pushed back from the operating room, but she was laughing at her, and she said, Finally, the two of us have escaped. Ye Shan s tears but could not help but You will be fine, the docto. r said it was early, but after the chemotherapy to suffer. Cold nodded I will, say good, then I will come to your class. Ye Shan for the cold and strong and moved. Ye Shan s wound is very small, anesthetic after almost no pain in the past, so she reminds Yuyan not guarding her, Zhao Zhigang also go back, Ye Shan let him go to his parents to see Xiao Yu. The doctor said she could be discharged three days later. Night, and finally idle down, cold tired of sleep. Ye Shan open the phone, split the news one by one, and finally, even 58 unread messages, from last night, are Fang Lin made. The last one made five minutes ago, he said Shan, how are you How not on the line, back to me, okay. Ye Shan was Cisco Certification deeply touched, and she could not refuse such a warmth, she even wanted to move such a wide move, she could not help but made a friend Data-Center circle After. the surviv

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-978 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist Qualifier Exam Cisco Data-Center
642-979 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist Qualifier Exam Cisco Data-Center
650-281 C-Series Servers for Account Manager Cisco Data-Center
650-286 C-Series Servers for Engineer Cisco Data-Center
650-987 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Sales Specialist Exam Cisco Data-Center