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The Callide Valley Uniting Church is a multi-centred congregation with worship centres in the townships of Biloela and Wowan. The congregations of Biloela and Wowan are deeply committed to the communities where we live and worship.

The Callide Valley is a part of the Banana Shire of Central Queensland. Biloela is located to the west of Gladstone, and south west of Rockhampton. The small township of Wowan is located in the northern end of the Shire, 45 minutes from Biloela.

It has rail and road links to both of these coastal cities, and is serviced by the Dawson and Burnett Highways, as well as having air travel availability from the Thangool airfield, only 15km out of Biloela.
This information comes from the Banana Shire Council.  http://www.banana.qld.gov.au            

The Shire derives its name from the early pioneering days when cattle were particularly valuable. Some herds were wild and difficult to handle and stockmen used working bullocks as decoys to lead the wild cattle into pens. One renowned decoy was a large yellowy bullock called Banana, and his remains were interred in a local gully, which became known as ‘Banana Gully’, and when a small township developed there, it also took the name. The first council meeting met there in 1880 and the Shire was then named after the bull, gully, and town.

Coal Mining, Beef production, power generation, dryland crops and irrigation cropping such as cotton and lucerne are the Shires’ major industries. The Banana Shire is rich in natural resources, with extensive undeveloped coal deposits in the Theodore, Moura and Baralaba areas. There are also abundant supplies of coalbed methane gas which can be utilised for power production and other industrial uses in the future. The Callide power stations produce about 20% of Queensland’s electricity.

The Banana Shire is a rich farming, grazing and mining region bounded by the neighbouring Shires of Duaringa, Mt Morgan, Fitzroy, Monto, Eidsvold and Calliope. It is sparsely populated with around 14,000 people spread over more than 15,000 square kilometres, with only about 23 square kilometres urbanised. Biloela has a population approaching 6,000 and is the dormitory town for the Callide Power Stations; Callide Coal Mines; and Teys Brothers, the third largest meatworks in Q’ld.

The Shire supports numerous industries, related facilities, 10 public schools, 2 private schools, 3 high schools, one TAFE, most Church denominations, 4 public hospitals, many businesses, and a variety of sporting groups.

 Many natural attractions are another feature of the Banana Shire. They include – Isla Gorge + Kroombit Tops National Parks; Mt Scoria Conservation Park; local rivers, dams and farms. There are also the mines and power stations; as well as ‘The Silo’ (Biloela’s Primary Industry Exhibition Centre).

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